Return of the Jogging Pants – Mixing joggers with Gucci

Chiara Ferragni  suddenly started wearing Adidas Original pants so naturally that gave all of us bloggers the green light for them not-so-sexy-but-super-comfy joggers ! Ding Ding Ding! This is how i decided to style my Originals. Brace yourselves because this is my first (of many more to come) professional Outfit Shots done by the wonderful photographer Fr.Ciuciu.

The secret is in the accessories. The better you accessorise the more high end your outfit will be. I chose this black Gucci bag that is literally to die for together with a brown oversized foe fur coat (vintage). A black coat would have been way to overpowering and I just love the contrast between the black, white and brown. I also paired my originals with some old school Vans sneaks. These shoes are definitely coming back ever since Kourtney Kardashian rocked them with her jogging pants. Again, joggers joggers joggers. Everybody loves them!

Sweaters/T-shirts with “stuff” written on them. Ah, yes another thing that is really BIG this season. I personally prefer if the writing is something funny so naturally , I had to get “Monday, is a basic bitch”. You gotta love the shit  stuff Kate Moss comes up with. The Sweater is from You can get the beanie – HERE or similar beanies on contrast between the super casual Adidas pants and the super high end, dressy fur coat is what makes this outfit special. Fashion has become super “free” which means you can literally wear everything with everything! There are no real tabus! The good thing with these jogging pants is that they are super comfortable! Finally a trend we can all enjoy!

How do you guys feel about this? Can you pull it off or are you more like a “I would never be caught dead in jogging pants” kind of person? 😀

Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday,

Shanice xo

Photos by Alina Ciuciu



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    The fur coat is very nice,…

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