Kiko Milano Summer 2.0 Collection

I am definitely a sucker for packaging and the Kiko Milano Summer 2.0 collection isn’t disappointing anyone in that area, that’s for sure! Kiko is a really good quality make up brand that you can get at a reasonable price – so basically a win win win situation. Since they say sharing is caring that’s exactly what I’m going to do. If you want to see my favourite items and read more about them keep on reading…


The packaging says a lot about the brand itself. I find that good quality brands, mostly, have a nice, firm packing that even looks fancy. Kiko isn’t necessarily a high end brand BUT it most definitely is a high quality one. This particular collection is very unique! The lipsticks have a magnet inside the packaging which ensures they stay closed at all times –  meaning they don’t just open up randomly when you throw them in your bag. They feel sort of heavy which again, is a very good thing! The packaging comes in a lovely rose gold and reminds me of shells – very fitting for summer!


50 shades of what now? The Summer 2.0 collection is very bold when it comes to colour. Where’re talking bright blues and sexy reds! This summer is definitely very colourful! The most interesting colour for me was “Dreaming iris” because I’ve never worn a bright, deep blue lipstick before but I have to admit: I kinda like it! It’s extremely unique so if you’re trying to pull of an edgier look – this one is definitely for you! As far as formula goes, Kiko definitely rocks in this department as well. The lipsticks are matte but don’t dry your lips as much as say MAC lipsticks would.


There are a few mentionable products here I’d like to talk about. The “PH Lip Enhancer” is totally on trend right now since every brand seems to be coming out with their own version of it. What it does: you pop it on and at first it’s translucent but then it gradually adjusts to your skins individual PH and changes colour to a shade that suits you the most. Basically it’s one of those my lips but better types of things. My bronzer of choice this summer is the “Baked Bronzer in Sun Celebration Honey”. It gives you a very natural golden glow that definitely doesn’t look like too much. The “Baked blush in Natural Beach” is perfection. My #1 Problem with blushes is usually the fact that they fade after a few hours of wear. This does not happen with the Kiko blushes – 12 hour shifts and you still look (somewhat) alive!

Fun & New Concept

A super fun product from the Summer 2.0 collection is this Lips & Cheeks  range. You get 6 different shades that you can use either as a lipstick OR you can apply it to your cheeks as a cream blush! Important: you’re going to want to go light on that cheek shade because A. it’s not that easy to blend and B. these bad boys STAIN! Good for the lips bad for the cheeks if you happen to apply it in the wrong place. I love myself a 2in1 product so these are definitely right up my alley.

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