“Green” Hair Care for Bleached/Damaged Hair

Is it: hormon, sulfate, phtalat, parabane, EO, formaldehyd and colour free? Well, all the O’right products definitely, 100% ARE everything free! They are also animal cruelty free AND good for the environment. If you are looking for something good but super effective for damaged, dyed, bleached hair — this one is for you.

Hair Care Routine for Damaged Hair

Golden Rose 

If you haven’t heard about O’right you definitely need to get on board because the whole brand is absolutely amazing! I have bleached, balayage hair which means I usually use products that target damaged, dry hair. The Golden Rose line by O’right is just about perfect for that! I tried their Shampoo and Conditioner and absolutely loved it. My hair feels a lot softer AND I feel like I can brush through it a lot easier.


If you have dry hair you need to try the Bamboo moisturising hair treatment it works wonders! The worst thing about washing hair is usually the brushing part after it’s been washed because once you start bleaching it , it seems literally impossible to brush it without ripping it all out. The Bamboo hair treatment helps build up your hair and thus make it a lot softer! I recommend this mask once a month until your hair feels healthier. Only apply it to the length and not on the top part. All the oils, masks and conditioners are not supposed to be applied to the roots of your hair because it can cause you to develop dandruff. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Rose Hip Seed

I also got the Rose Hip Seed Oil that is a moisturising oil for highly damaged hair. It has 4 different oils mixed together : passionfruit seed oil, rose hip seed oil, acai berry oil and rice bran oil. These oils get really deep into your hair structure and nourish and moisturise your hair from within. Be careful not to use to much because that can actually make your hair super greasy! A little goes a long way!

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