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As far as motivation goes I’m the first to admit that it’s soooooo hard to work out while it’s 1000 degrees outside BUT every time I get new fitness clothing I get a little push in motivation. These are my current favorite pieces…


New Balance

New Balance is a clothing line that isn’t too expensive and has something for every possible sport you might want to do. You all know me – I’m a very practical person meaning I love versatile things that can be used in more than one area and New Balance clothing and shoes definitely fit that category.

The shoes I’m wearing are fitness shoes that I recently tried out for running – totally worked for me! They are very light weight and let your feet “breathe”  so definitely a shoe for the hotter summer days! If you’re lookin for a shoe specifically for running I recommend these badboys – they are definitely on my “to get” list!

As far as tops, bras and pants go I like them to be a little baggy because mama doesn’t like the jiggle. It’s an entirely different thing for yoga but when I’m running and jumping around I feel more confident if my clothes are a little bigger or they’re cut in a way that is more forgiving. The pants you can look at HEREThe cool thing about them is that you can actually wear them not only for sports/fitness purposes but they also serve as a good lifestyle pant or for them “on my way to the gym/yoga” times where you want to look like you’re on your way to greatness. The top is super cute and has a bit of a “sexy” touch with the cut outs on the side and the bra with the crossed backstraps is literally my absolute favourite.


*Special thanks to Chris Sports*



A nice sports bra and some tight long yoga pants – that’s really all I need for my yoga sessions. I’m not too adventurous when it comes to fitness clothing so chances are you won’t see me in anything crazy while working out. H&M has a very nice selection of sports clothing and I can definitely find something every time I have myself a little look online.

My yoga tights are extremely comfortable AND super affordable! You can get them at H&M online – HERE. I especially like high wasted pants/tights for yoga because I feel a lot more comfortable with just a sports bra and tights. If you prefer shorts during summer I can recommend these right here.

PS.: My yoga studio is called One Yoga and has a total of 2 Studios in Vienna. They also have a special offer currently where they offer 30 Days for 30 EUR as a “trial” for everyone wanting to check out their studios and classes.

*Top: New Balance , Yoga Tights: H&M*

If you guys have any questions, feedback or you just want to chat with me please comment below I’m more than happy to talk to you lovely people!:)

Wishing you a wonderful day,

Shanice xo

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  1. Shilpa Shetty | 26th Jun 17

    The shoes are very nice,.. Even I’m in search of good shoes for workout,..

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