My Twisted Cinderella Story – Where is the love?

Being single definitely has its perks BUT after a certain amount of time you start to wonder… Where is the love? Is it normal to have this many meaningless conversations with people that don’t really bother enough to actually talk… I mean REALLY talk…

Chapter 16 – Where is the love?

There comes a time in a persons life when boredom kicks in and you can’t help but think : Should I get on Tinder again? Unfortunately after every few months the need to “meet new people” (and by people we’re definitely talking guys here) becomes more and more apparent and Tinder seems to be juuust about the right place for that.Now, also unfortunately for us semi normal people there is a major freak show going on on Tinder with a bunch of weird shit  things being said. Most of the messages you get are really scary/funny but not much you can actually take seriously.

And then there are the guys who don’t offer to have you “sit on their face” as a form of hello BUT those guys are usually what I like to call the boring everyday nothingness crew. These guys write to you regularly however you don’t get anywhere with those conversations. You don’t actually get to know anyone nor is it fun or flirthy so there really is no point. These wonderful conversations sound a little bit like this :

“Hey” “Hey” “How are you?” “Good yea you?” “Good thanks you” “Good” -4/5 hours pass- “You sleepy yet” “Yea gonna sleep” “Night” “Night”

Genuine question from me to you: Do you feel like pulling your hair out?? If the answer is yes, we definitely have one thing in common. These types of conversations are literally NO GOOD to anyone BUT this is mostly ALL you get. So this is where I start to wonder… Where is the love? Where is the passion and that crazy stupid love?? Is this what being single has become? A bunch of meh guys? You having to consider who is less boring or less nuts? I don’t know about you guys but I am definitely ready for something REAL… To be honest I don’t even know if you can find anything REAL nowadays. The frustration is real , yo! 

Maybe it’s time to get out and start meeting people in real life… Maybe the whole online thing is super outdated and it’s now time to go old school and meet people face to face. At least there is one positive thing about this whole situation: Whatever happens next – you’ll be the first to know! 😉

Have a wonderful day,

Shanice xo

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