Bedroom Makeover – A Tour of the Before and After

I genuenly didn’t know how much time, effort and energy it would take to redecorate/renovate an entire apartment on my own BUT now that it’s done, I can’t help but feel super proud of myself. I redecorated/refurnished/renovated my entire apartment in cooperation with and this is what the first finished room (happens to be my bedroom) looks like.  If you want to see before and after pictures keep on reading because : I got your back boo…


*All the decorations, bedsheets, pillows, furniture etc. are by & XxxLutz Store on Kelsenstraße 9, Wien 1030*



Colour Scheme

I definitely wanted to get some sort of colour into my rooms but painting all the walls seemed like a little too much. I chose to do an “accent wall” in each room and since the bedroom is supposed to be a calming place to relax in , I opted for a very elegant, light, pastel pink. The colour combination I chose as far as furniture-wall-textile goes is a mix between light pink, black, wood and grey with small touches of white/beige. I especially like the pink/black combo because although they are absolute opposites they definitely compliment each other perfectly. The grey accents add a lot of “cool” to the decoration and bring this whole style together.

Painting the walls was not as fun as I thought it would be so don’t believe what they show you in movies guys! Taping down the edges was an absolute hassle and getting an even layer of paint around the edges was a total nightmare! My Tipp: Invest in good quality equipment – brushes and rollers! It will make your job much much easier!


As far as furniture goes – I definitely found a TON of really amazing items on as well as in the actual shop I went to. I opted, again, for a mix of styles.

The Beside Tables are absolutely to-die-for! They are such great quality, came all set up so there was no fussing around with putting them together and they just generally feel heavy and expensive. The surfaces are seeled with a lacquer that also makes them waterproof – everytime you spill something on them it literally just rolls right off. You get alot of storage space in the shelves – actually a lot more than I had before.




My closet is just your typical pretty basic closet but I decided to put courtains on them to keep the dust and dog hair away from my clothes. It also keeps everything hidden so the room has a calmer vibe. I pushed them apart and sold the little thin part I had in the corner in order to put a much thinner, wood and black coloured clothing rack in the middle of them. This gives me the same amount of storage BUT because it is much thinner then the two big pieces it creates a lot more space in the middle of my bedroom. It looks as though the walking space has now doubled with just one little change. (There still is a TV missing from the top shelf but I just figured I’d get it later on.)




The Shelves on top of my night stands… I’m not sure when this idea came about but I definitely do not regret it. If you’re planning on keeping everything clean and minimalistic you 100% have to try this! You can use ALL of the surface on you’re night stand to put your drink on, stow jewellery or just put one succulent right in the middle as a decoration. The shelves are basically only there to put your lamps on them. This is not only super stylish but extremely practical as well. I chose black ones because the contrast between the black and the pastel pink walls is so BOMB! I’m actually so happy with how it turned out!

The Garden Chair although not actually used for the garden is SO on trend right now. You can get these in different colours but again since my colour scheme is black and pastell i had to go for black. Looking at the room as a whole it still doesn’t seem too dark eventhough there are so many pieces in black. If you set the right accents of certain colours you can achieve a very bright and trendy look!


The most significant change in this department would probably have to be the pictures on the wall. It’s the first thing you see when you enter the room and it just kind of completes the entire look. I like simple, minimalistic pictures and since I chose a very trendy pastel wall colour I figured I might aswell go with the (also super trendy) Palm leaves theme. I could’ve just chosen black picture frames but I think mixing them in black and white gives it that little edge that it needs to be pinterest worthy.

The bed sheets are also a pretty big deal because the bed is generally in the centre of the room AND something you use every single day. I picked up these super soft sheets in one of the XxxLutz stores and the cool thing about them is that you can use them on either side. One week you can have them in light pink and the other you could have them on the dark pink side – 2 looks in 1! I wanted to set some grey accents on the bed because I was afraid it would look too “barbie” otherwise so I got this cute grey blanket  and pillows to kind of mix it up. Mixing grey and blush is a big big trend this season!

The Lamps are literally my current love obsession. I’ve been looking for lamps like these for so long and couldn’t find them anywhere untill I “accidently” walked passed them in the store. You can get these in two different sizes – I got the smaller ones because they are perfect for what I was looking for. These lamps are the definition of pinterest!

There is nothing better for me than coming Home to an apartment that makes me happy and serves as the perfect place to relax in. I love the way it turned out and I”m excited to show you guys the rest of it!

Wishing you all a wonderful day,

Shanice xo

*In friendly collaboration with XxxLutz





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