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I don’t know about you guys but ever since I got my dog (literally from the first day on) I’ve been dying to find out what he does when I’m not home. Another reason I wanted a Home Security Camera is because I want to make sure I can check in on things anytime I worry about having left the window open etc. I tried the Smartfrog camera for my Living Room area and I absolutely LOVE it!

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What is Smartfrog?

Smartfrog is basically a monthly subscription service where you pay a set amount every month depending on how many cameras you have. Basically you get the smartfrog camera and the storage space you need to store all the visual and audio data the camera picks up over the day and all of it is included in this monthly fee. Since I only have one camera that would be 5,95 EUR/month (no extra fees for the camera you literally just start paying 5,95!).

Setting it up

The set up proved to be really easy. #1 – Download the Smartfrog App on your phone, tablet or laptop #2 – Connect your cams to the Wi-Fi #3 – Change your camera settings from Medium Quality to HD Quality. Very easy and super straight forward.

Cool Facts about the Cam

The camera has a microphone and loudspeaker which means you can hear if there is any noise, alarm, barking going on in your home AND you can actually talk so that the people/pets hear you. This has proven to be really handy especially when Howie tries to either chew on my shoes or cuddle up on the couch – which he very well knows he is not allowed. A firm “NO!” or “Get down!” usually does the trick.

HD quality visual footage. You can literally see everything in a really good quality and the coolest thing about it is that the smartfrog camera also has night vision. You can lie in bed and check your camera on your phone at night if you feel a little iffy. Sometimes I’m not sure if my dog started eating his midnight snack at 3 in the morning or if there is something else going on so I wake up and just check the Living Room cam on my phone.

The camera also has a motion sensor, it can sense any noise and immediately send you a notification if you set it up like that. For me personaly it doesn’t make sense when my dog is at home but if I ever left my apartment empty/dogless I would 100% activate it.

You have an 8x Zoom which means if your dog is chewing on something you can zoom in to see if it’s something he shouldn’t be chewing on. You can zoom in on windows, door handles, kids etc. to see if anything is happening – it’s really really handy!

Smartfrog Hacks

More like HACK because I only have one little tipp. If your camera stops working for whatever reason you can easily reset it with a few simple steps:

#1 Plug the cable out , leave it for 1-2 minutes then plug it back in

#2 Push the Reset button for 10 seconds with a needle or toothpick until you hear a beep

#3 Connect the camera to the wifi again

I’m not sure why my camera stoped working – could be because I unplugged it once for no reason 😀 –  but it was fairly  easy to reset and get it back up and running so I’m definitely 100% happy with it.

If you’re looking for a good home securty camera, something to check on your pets, grandma, kids whatever it is you’d like to check on – I can defintiely recommend Smartfrog. It’s available in almost every country and super affordable! For me personally it’s one thing I never want to have to live without anymore because everytime I worry about Howie or my apartment I can easily just check on it! I’m now thinking about getting 1 or 2 more of these Smartfrog cams because they are SO convenient!

Wishing everyone a SAFE day 😉

Shanice xo

*In friendly collaboration with Smartfrog

*PS.: I’m still not done with the renovations so that’s why there is no couch set up yet and there are odd boxes here and there. Sorry guys I’m almost done! :)*



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