My Twisted Cinderella Story – 25 and STILL single?

I remember watching these movies back when I was a teenager where all these women were pittied and questioned by everyone for everything because they were over 25 and STILL single. I also remember thinking “Yea right, it doesn’t go down like that in real life”. Little did I know…

Chapter 18 – Worried about me?

Okay. Then stop. Can we acknowledge the fact that it’s 2017 and nowadays women can be single at 25 and fucking  freaking fabulous? When did it become normal to look at someone who is 25!! we’re not talking 30, 40, 50 nono this is way before that , and think “oh snap she really needs to get her act together”…? How do YOU know that I don’t have my act together? People constantly telling me to go out and get a boyfriend… Y tho?

Listen, it’s a douchebag kind of world out there. You meet people and sometimes or rather most of the time they happen to be assholes idiots who are looking for something “casual”. Idiots who have no personality, are NOT funny, and NOT witty and think they are gods gift to women. So how exactly are we supposed to get our shit together? Where are the nice guys? The guys who aren’t emotionally crippled psychopaths? The guys who are exciting, challenging and want to settle down just aren’t anywhere near me.

I had one rather bad experience recently that basically thought me a big life lesson. I am officially OUT of that age where you let guys “use” you and treat you like garbage. None of us should ever let that happen ladies! Some dude is paying attention to you and suddenly you start to reconsider your life choices! You ignore ALL the signs and red flags and then you end up hurt and upset. For a while anyway… I’ve been through waaaaay too much shit bad things to let some 24 year old A$$ cramp my style. (Yes, I did just say “cramp my style”.)

So I guess what I’m saying is – It’s okay to be 25 and “STILL” single. It’s okay if you don’t want to settle down for something mediocre. It’s NOT okay to let guys walk all over us! It’s also not okay to keep telling people how they have to live their lives. Live and let live! 

Wishing everyone a sexy day,


*This rant was brought to you by… ME! Not sponsored. Not even a little.*


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