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I’ve wanted lash extensions for a suuuper long time now and the main reason for it was/is/always will be TIME. You basically save so much time by skipping the eyeliner and mascara every morning it’s unreal! I’ve had these on for a few weeks now, I’ve been to a SPA – therefore sauna as well, showered/washed my face a ton of times and I’ve also been out clubbing while having my lash extentions in. All the deets on how they’re holding up and the major facts are coming up in todays post…

 The Feeling…

is actually super good and definitely comfortable. You can barely feel that you have something extra on your eyes. I get my lashes done at Xtreme Lashes here in Vienna and I’m definitely happy with the result. You get a little brush for your lashes that you’re supposed to comb them with which is really handy when you wake up in the morning or after a shower. My tipp is definitely just to be careful. Don’t rub your eyes aggressively or put mascara on them because once you remove the make up you’ll also remove your lashes.

It usually takes up to 2 hours untill you’re finished with both eyes and it’s recommended that you get a refill after every 2-4 weeks depending on how cray cray you are with them lashes. The lashes are all put in one by one so it’s defintely very natural looking. You better shower before you get extensions because you’re not allowed to get any moisture around them for the first 24 hours. As far as the studio goes you should plan in a bit of waiting time so make sure you call in advance and make your appointments ahead of time!

Why I LOVE them…

Mainly because they look super gorgeous and even when you wake up in the morning you just look much more put together. When I’m not wearing any make up I feel like I still look like a human being which is something I couldn’t say before I got my lashes. 😀 I went out the other day and got home in a… bit of a state let’s say, so naturally I went to bed without taking my make up off. (I know , i know but it rarely happens!) Usually you’d wake up full of mascara but I actually woke up looking pretty okay! (Didn’t feel okay but hey we gotta always look on the bright side!)

It shortens up your getting ready time by at least 10 minutes which is HUGE! I work a lot of early shifts so the fact that I only have to put on foundation, blush and my eyebrows is such a relief! I definitely like a more natural look so the lashes are super good for that! Xtreme Lashes offers different types of eyelash extention sets – I went for the more natural looking one this time although I’m definitely trying the “Volumination” set the next time I’m there. I’m doing a tutorial on a natural look soon so I’ll be sure to give you guys a good close up of them. 🙂

Is worth it?

In my opinion? Absolutely! It just makes our (and by our I mean all the women out there) life so much easier! Guys notice them, you win a lot time back, you don’t have any smudged mascara and it just brightens up your face instantly. I definitely 100% recommend getting lash extentions and I can also recommend Xtreme Lashes to anyone looking for a good lash studio.

Xtreme Lashes Contact:
Phone: +43 1 532 13 85
Address: Rudolfsplatz 2/3 in 1010 Wien

Be sure to say Hi for me to them 🙂

Wishing everyone a lovely day,

Shanice xo

*In freundlicher Zusammenarbeit mit Xtreme Lashes*

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