Afternoon Tea and Day Spa at The Ritz Carlton Hotel,Vienna

I definitely thought about what to do for my grandmothers birthday for a very long time. I wanted to do something that she would like, that she can enjoy, where we could spend some time together and something that would also be good for her. If you’re planning on surprising a special person I can 100% recommend The Ritz Carlton here in Vienna. We took it upon ourselves to test out everything the Day Spa has to offer, got a relaxing facial treatment and feasted on that super posh, very english afternoon tea menu the Ritz Carlton offers…

Day Spa

We got to the Ritz around 11 am and my grandma was immediately wowed by the absolutely elegant exterior and couldn’t wait to go inside.They greated us right at the entrance in such a polite and lovely manor that we immediately felt super excited and Miss Gwendolin was super kind to also welcome us personally. The Day Spa started with a glass of bubbly and although it was 11 am me and my grandma both drank it because, well… It’s certainly always happy hour somewhere around the world, right? 😉

When you book the day spa you get access to the the fitness club, the 18-meter pool with underwater music (that is so surreal!), the dedicated relaxation area that includes a steam bath, sauna and heated relaxation beds (that my grandma was absolutely MAD about :D) and a locker with your own robe, towels and slippers. We tried all the facilities and as far as my gran goes she really enjoyed the steam bath and sauna and she found the heated beds super relaxing. If you have muscle aches, back pains etc. and want to relax for a while the mix you get in the day spa is so perfect!


Since this was my grannys first ever facial treatment I was definitely super happy and delighted to be able to be there for it. Daniela and Slavica, the two lovely ladies who did our facials that day were absolutely BOMB at their job and genuenly lovely to me and my grandma. My gran went for a 60 minute “Age-Defying Treatment” and i got a “Custom Facial” that was basically a mix of a peeling and moisturising treatment. The Facials were super relaxing and we both enjoyed them quite a lot especially since we were in the same room!

The ladies used a Clarisonic to prep our skin before applying anything to our skin. I also had a 24 hour moisture mask on which basically meant my skin was SUPER SOFT after it! I can 100% recommend the facials and I’m defintiely very keen on trying the massages in the Ritz Carlton as well because they offer so many different ones! My top choices at the moment would be the “Anti-Headache Massage” because I regularly tend to have headaches or the “Hot Stone Massage” because it just sounds dope!

Afternoon Tea

This for sure was our highlight of the day because we didn’t really know what to expect. We genuienly thought we would sit down, get a cup of tea, a slice of cake and call it a day. What we actually got was so freaking divine I can’t even… The Afternoon Tea Time in the Ritz starts off with a Lychee Cocktail (or you can also chose champagne if you’re feeling totes fancy daaarlin’) that is SO delicious AND is served with dried ice which gives you that “foggy” special effect so it’s definitely a memorable one. Then you can either choose from a bunch of different KUSMI teas or have a coffee for starters before they bring out the petits fours.

They bring out this big circle platter filled with a selection of home-made savoury delicacies, sweet petits fours and fresh buttermilk scones with strawberry-pepper jam that looks super impressive and elegant. We tried everything (also because we were literally starving at the time) and had some of the home-made scones as well that were super delicious. A few of my savoury/sweet favourites were the salmon sandwich with rucola, horseradish & cucumber, the cone with goat cheese, gorgonzola & cranberries and the blackberry chocolate macaron. If you’re a foodie you’ll definitely find a lot of choices to love here.

I can defintely say that this entire day was absolutely perfect, so elegant and I can 100% recommend treating yourself and/or your loved ones to something like this every now and again. My gran was super happy, I was happy that she was happy so all in all everyone was super happy… 😀 Just kidding but to be quite honest I think if you’re planning a Girls Day, a nice Spa day for your mom, aunt or gran or even if you want to have a day of Me Time you can find everything you could ever wish for in the  The Ritz Carlton here in Vienna.

Photo taken in the Melounge Lobby Lounge in the Ritz Carlton Vienna

Wishing everyone a relaxing day,

Shanice xo

*Special thanks to the NetworkPR Angels, Miss Gwendalin, Thomas, Daniela & Slavica – xo*




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