Skin Care with an Electric Face Brush

I’ve always wanted to know if it reeeeally makes a difference if you wash your face with a face brush rather than just your hands eventhough it totally made sense to me why it would. I’ve used my Remington FC1000 Reveal face brush for aprox. 3 weeks now every day once a day and I’m absolutely in love! My skin cleared out noticably and I just genuienly feel like my face is entirely make up free by the end of the day after using it…

Benefits of an electric Face Brush

Here’s the thing: I managed pretty well without an electric face brush for 25 years of my life now BUT I do feel like it became an irreplaceble tool in my every day skin care routine. I do tend to have break outs more often than not and the reason is super simple – I don’t drink enough water, my diet is not skin-friendly if you know what I mean (i want ALL the chocolates ever), i rub my face on my dog on a daily and I wear make up pretty much every day except for maybe one/two days a week. This is not ideal. 😀

When you use an electric face brush it applies more pressure to your skin – the Remington FC1000 Reveal brush has 3 settings with different intesities and 3rd setting is basically a peeling – which naturally cleans your skin a lot more thoroughly than your hands would. I think the most important tipps here would be to regularly clean your brush, always use the cap so no dust settles between the bristles and to always moisturise the living bejaysus (#irishandnotsorry) out of your skin. You can certainly use it twice a day just be sure to use the first 2 intesity levels rather than the most extreme one because twice a day on that will literally rub your face off.

My brush comes with 3 different brush heads : 1 for normal/combination skin, 1 for senstive skin and 1 massage head to revitalise and refresh your skincells. It usually runs for 1 minute (basically this is the recommendation) however you can just start it again if you want to use it for a little longer than that. You can charge it for 6 hours and use it aprox. 30 times after that. The cool thing is you can also use it in the shower so you can get all your “washing” done in one go. Definitely super time efficient.

Products I like to use before/with/after it

Before I use the Remington facial brush (usually every evening) I always remove my make up with my all time favourite wipes by Bebe young care.  The main reason i like them is because they don’t leave a weird layer of plain WET on your skin and they are actually moist (*cringe*) enough to remove all your make up without having to roughly rub it. I then wash my face with the Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Facial Wash by Kiehl’s that has been my definite go-to cleansing foam since a good while now! It’s cleanses really well but doesn’t dry out your skin at all so for me it’s the ultimate product for combination/oily skin. My favourite moisturiser at the moment is the GinZing Energy-Boosting Cream from Origins. The scent is literally to-die-for, so energising/fresh and it leaves your skin super soft! As far as anti-ageing goes i like to use my 2 HG creams by Juvena of Switzerland. I like to variate between the Miracle Eye Cream and the Nourishing Eye Cream however i tend to use the miracle eye cream in the mornings because the roll tip is cold and refreshing and mama needs that in the morning time.

These are the main products i use on a daily basis although i always have phases/weeks where i test and try out new products. I definitely recommend switching up your skin care regime every now and then just so your skin doesn’t get too used to all the products. If you have break outs, oily skin or achne you should 100% think about investing in a good electric facial brush. It doesn’t have to be a really expensive Clarisonic but the Remington FC1000 Reveal  is for sure one that is budget friendly and super efficient!

Hope you’re all having a wonderful day,

Shanice xo

*In friendly collaboration with Remington*


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  1. Shilpa Shetty | 23rd Oct 17

    I love using facial cleansing brushes,.. I use Braun mini face cleanser 810, and its the best cleansing brush I have ever used.

    • simplyshanicexoadmin | 23rd Oct 17

      Oh is that brush good?? I’m trying a few different ones out at the moment to see which is best I might get the Braun one too if you say it’s good! 🙂 xo

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