Outfit: Ho-bo Chic

It took a while until I finally got my act together to the point that I dared to dress the way I feel is right for me. When you’re in this world of blogging it’s sometimes very difficult to maintain your own style without wanting to “fit in” or be like “the others“. I jokingly call it Ho-Bo Chic because it’s very casual, cool and comfortable definitely a look that gives you confidence.

Baggy Distressed Denim Jacket

This is basically a staple in my autumn closet mainly because it’s super comfortable and major cool! (*major cool*) You can pair it with literally everything! Ever since denim on denim became socially acceptable this means you can throw it on over any outfit and it looks casual but still cool. The one I have is from Pull & Bear and is a distressed, long-fit , oversize denim jacket available in 3 colours. Am I obsessed with it? Hells yeah I am!

Rips on the Backside Jeans

These are definitely my everyday go-to jeans because they are so comfortable and definitely representative of the slightly funky style I identify with. These jeans are IT in Asia at the moment and I definitely get why. They look super normal from the front but once you turn around it’s like “Bayyamm!” hello sexy! When you bend over you get slight flashes of your legs and a little hint of booty so for sure a very cool effect.

Distressed Oversized Sweater

Again with the distressed… Everything that has rips in it is for sure cool this season. This particular top is not only perfect for winter but also super casual. You can for sure wear it with tights or leggings but you can pop it over a pair of tight jeans as well and wear it as a chunky knit sweater. They have a couple of cool choices at the moment as far as knit, jackets and shoes go at Pull & Bear.


I literally die for these booties. I love them with short ancle jeans, tights and skirts or tight black jeans. They look super cool are semi-comfortable (pain level from 1-10 I’d say a 3) and pimp up every outfit for sure. They have a very cool vibe to them and because they’re platform they are super for winter as well!

How do you guys like the outfit? It has a bit of a Haloweeny/Autumny touch to it don’t you think?

Wishing everyone a snuggly day,

Shanice xo




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    You look very stylish,…

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