When Childhood Dreams become Reality…

I recently went to a Blogger Event that was literally a once in a lifetime kind of opportunity. Did you ever write a bucketlist for yourself and if so was “sleeping in an empty (Furniture) Shopping Centre” on it? I always wanted to do something a little crazy and XxxLutz made it possible for me the other day. Picture this… You go to a giant shopping centre (we’re talking HUGE) at 6 PM right before they close it down, what you get at the entrance is a super delicious welcome (Gin) cocktail and a super friendly group of Blogger Girls. You hear some dance music in the background but you’re not sure where it’s coming from and there is a delicious smell of freshly cooked food lingering around but no food to be seen…

Sleeping in an empty furniture store on luxury beds..

Being a Blogger/Influencer certainly has its perks however this time it was literally so so special! If you haven’t hear of XxxLutz yet, it’s basically one of (if not THE) biggest furniture store chains in Austria and Germany. They usually try to organise at least 1 Blogger Event a year and this time they really went all out for us.

We got sent an invitation via post which is a really nice touch. The inviation said we get to chose between sleeping in a regular hotel OR sleeping in the biggest, most modern shopping centre they have here in Vienna. Naturally all of us chose to sleep in the store because as I said before, this really was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The entire event was in cooperation with BIPA Österreich, Vossen , Oliver Hoffinger aka Koch mit Oliver , Cocktailbarcatering Norbert Moser and Weingut & Heuriger Edlmoser so I’d like to say a big big ‘thank you’ to all of them once again!

The welcome drinks were extremely delicious – apparently there was Gin in them, however you couldn’t taste the alcohol at all which I absolutely love. I rarely think that any sort of alcohol is “delicious” but these cocktails were super tasty! We also got a variety of wine with our meal, which if you know me, I’m not a huge fan of… until now that is. The Laessiger – Grüner Veltliner is as of now my absolute favourite white wine!

Photo by Verena from www.whoismocca.com

We slept in the “House of Boxspring” in their most expensive luxury beds. I especially loved that we all slept in the same open room because it felt like an actual girlie sleepover. The beds were SO comfortable and they varied from super soft to super hard. There was definitely something in there for everyone.

The “Schnitzeljagd” was so much fun because we all split up in groups and started running/sliding around the store in our cosy socks. Basically we got a few tasks that needed to be done in a particular order and if you got all the questions answered you were led to the top floor where a well known television chef was already cooking our meal. (No it was not Jamie Oliver try to stay realistic! :D)  THAT was super cool! The store was literally dark and empty except for us Bloggers and the staff that was kind enough to work the event. It was a really surreal feeling being there after hours.

The Main Course by Oliver Hoffinger

After our 4 course meal… the dancing began! Most of us changed into our PJ’s and super soft bathrobes that were sponsored by Vossen and we literally slid onto the dance floor. The Gin was flowing and the XxxLutz signature cocktail was definitely a major HIT that night! We danced until midnight (!) and then proceeded to our lovely beds to watch Pretty Woman on a big screen.

Alice aka my BFF  and  Timo & Sarah from The Cosmopolitas my sistahs from other mistas 

Best bathrobes by Vossen 

XxxLutz signature cocktail 

Photo by Verena – Goodie Bags by Bipa

Did you guys see my Instastories of the event and if so did you laugh at all the dancing videos? 😀

Wishing everyone a wonderful day,

Shanice xo

*In friendly collaboration with XxxLutz Austria*

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    Waaw,.. Very interesting and one of rare event,.. The pictures are super cute tooo

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