Wunderbrow = Wundermakeup?

I was reading (and by reading I mean looking at pictures) through a magazine recently and I saw an advertorial about Wunderbrow – an eyebrow gel that lasts for 3 days (!) AND is completely waterproof. I remember thinking: “I am SO getting that!”. And I did. And i tested it. And this is what happened…

Wunder2 Make Up

I genuenly am INTO and I mean I LOVE make up that lasts for a longer-than-usual time. I don’t have time to touch up my make up 50 times a day and sometimes I need to wake up with a nice set of eyebrows. (*wink wink*) Wunder2 has a variety of products that promise to last from 24 hours up to 3 days! If you work nightshifts or have an Event that lasts longer than usual this is exactly what you need.

Coverproof Foundation

This is something that I’m actually obsessed with. I had a Blogger Sleepover the other day – you can read all about it HERE – and woke up the next day with my make up almost completely flawless! All I did was touch up with a bit of powder and I was good to go! This means the foundation lasted through dinner, several drinks, hours of dancing and almost 8 hours of sleep and turning around in bed and STILL looked perfect. I’ve never experienced anything like it before! You might be wondering weather my skin suffered from it because things that sink into your skin that deeply tend to do a lot of damage. I had absolutely 0 breakouts! The only thing I can say is that my skin felt a little bit dry which just meant I had to moisturise a bit more than usual. (This could also be the alaskan wheather conditions outside atm though, I guess we’ll never really know) This is my Number 1 go-to foundation from on whenever I need something that stays put and looks gorgeous!


This, my friends, is something that God must have invented because the concept and formulation of it is absolutely PERFECTION. If it rains, snows, cunamis them eyebrows will stay on fleek with this gel I promis you that! You have to be careful when applying it because in the begining you might feel like you need a bit more but trust me, you don’t! Use the precision brush to fill in your eyebrows with the gel and let it set for a while. If you need to you can definitely use a bit more but be careful that you don’t go overboard because correcting it is a little bit trickier. You can use the Wundercleanse, on a pad and try to wipe it off but it will unfortunately also take off all the other make up you’re wearing so that means saying goodbye to your foundation as well. I actually went as far as having a shower with this on and my eyebrows were NOT on my chin by the end of it so this is for sure worth every penny!


Up until a few weeks ago, I still had my lashextensions in which was nice but also came with a lot of work. I couldn’t wash my face properly and constantly had to be careful when rubbing my eyes. Since then I’ve tried using lash growth serums to strengthen my eyelashes and I do feel like it helped a lot. Most mascaras I would say would look pretty good on my lashes because they are long enough naturally BUT what I really appreciate in this mascara is the fact that again, it’s waterproof AND I can still wash it off with a normal make up wipe.

I for one am 100% in love with everything I tried from Wunder2 and can strongly and wholeheartedly recommend these products to anyone looking for innovative, flawless make up with an extra long staying power! The only thing we can hope for is that they come out with A LOT MORE PRODUCTS (matte lipsticks would be bomb!) for us to use.

If you live in Austria you can get these online on Bipa.at AND you can get the Wunderbrow in all BIPA Stores but depending on where you live Wunder2 is available for the EUHERE – for GermanyHERE – ItalyHERE – and for the USHERE , although let’s be honest wherever you are Wunder2 is most likely available to you there aswell. They everywhere!

Wishing you all a super strong day,

Shanice xo

*In friendly collaboration with Wunder2*

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  1. Olivia | 11th Feb 18

    Ich hab das Augenbrauending auch schon mal probiert. Süüüper!! Die Farbe hat für mich nicht 100%ig gepasst leider.. Ich brauch eine sehr aschige Farbe. Aber gehalten hats auf jeden Fall super.

    Alles Liebe,

    • simplyshanicexoadmin | 11th Feb 18

      Ich LIEBE alles von ihnen vor allem beim Fortgehen ist es meeeeega praktisch!☺️ Danke fürs vorbeischauen süße 😌 xo

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