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Okay so let’s get ONE thing straight – the past few weeks/months have been an absolute MESS for me. A lot of shit stuff went down – First of all, MEN… wtf is wrong with y’all? Second thing that really got to me were the Holidays… everyone is extremely stressed out around that time of year and I’m no different. This year I had to work on Christmas Eve so that was a wonderful showel of extra STRESS. Last and certainly not least annoying – I managed to get sick right after Christmas so naturally my skin was in absolute B-I-T-S! Here’s what I did to help it come back to live…


First and foremost: You’re going to have to exfoliate properly because that’s the only thing that’s going to get things started! I tried moisturising a few days and it did absolutely nothing because my skin wasn’t absorbing any of the creams. My favourite peeling would have to be the Epidermal Re-Texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion by Kiehls. I feel like once i started to exfoliate regularly my skin reacted to the moisturizers and serums and slowly started to feel less rug-like. (Trust me on this one, I’m not even exaggerating.) I exfoliated twice a week for the first week and then continued with only one time every 5 or 6 days. This is more than enough though – do not over do it!

UV Light

I went to the tan room for 10 minutes and i feel like it also made a big difference because although it can dry your skin out it also helps with breakouts and stimulates blood circulation. For me personally going to the tan room during winter is something that has become essential. It helps not only with my face but also with my entire body – my skin is much smoother and definitely healthier. I usually like to go twice a month for 10-15 minutes on a medium power tanning bed.

Anti-Irritation Serum

While I was down with the flue I also managed to somehow get a rash and it wasn’t nice let me tell you. My face was red the entire time and felt super sore. It literally hurt to wash my face and dry it. The Anti-Irritation Serum by Declare works absolute wonders! I started using it once a day during the day. Declare has a series of products specifically for Stress Balance and I can strongly recommend all of them! The Serum is a very light option for a moisturizer that you can use during the day to freshen up your skin.

Skin Meditation Cream

As far as evenings go – I opted for the Skin Meditation Moisturizer also by Declare every single day. It’s very rich, has a suuuper pleasant scent and soaks up into your skin fairly quickly. It really did make a huge difference because my skin started to slowly go back to normal and although the feeling didn’t last all day at first (because my skin was really damaged during the time I was sick) it definitely was/is extremely soothing! For night time a definite favourite of mine!

Global Protection Serum

This is definitely something that all of us can use nowadays – men and women. The Global Protection Serum is supposed to “support the skin’s defence and help prevent skin ageing caused by radiation and environmental influences relating to the appliances used in modern living (environmental pollution, infrared radiation, radiation from artificial light sources and appliances). ” If you work with computers (or if you just sit and stare at your microwave alot whilst “preparing” your microwave dinner because let’s face it you’re 25 and nowhere near being an adult) this is definitely something for you! This is what I like to use every morning before going to work. I’d like to think it protects my skin all day against all technology. Is that exaggerating? I think not!


Okay so this one defintiely had to go in here although I have no real proof that it actually helped. When you’re sick/sad/stressed you tend to drink a lot more water (at least I do) and I feel like my skin was pretty clear from breakouts during this entire time. My complection wasn’t as dull as usual (when I don’t wear make up people seem to ask me loads wheather I’m ill or not – thanks guys… FOR NOTHING!) All-in-all I felt genuienly better and I do try to drink as much water as possible during the day.

I’m definitely over the STRESS that was going on over the past weeks/months and I couldn’t be happier! From now on my focus is definitely on working out, staying healthy and being happy!:)

Wishing everyone a stress-free day,

Shanice xo

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