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Well, it’s still technically January guys so I figured I’d think about changing some things up. I really want to focus on my mental and physical health this year so when it comes to the “physical” part this is what I’m currently up to…


SuperCycle is a type of spinning class that basically works as a full body workout and helps you get your legs, stomach and arms toned. It’s suuuper intense BUT it really does work wonders! They have 2 Studios in Vienna one in district 4 and one in district 7 however I usually go to the one in the 4th district. (It’s just closer to where I live AND it’s going to have a little Superfood Deli store inside soon… ‘nough said!) Once a weekI schedule myself a class online and i absolutely LOVE it! My favourite Instructors would have to be David although I do wish he would switch to R&B music (every Instructor has their own music list/type – but that’s just a personal dream of mine :D) and Rhana. The class is super intense but by the 3rd time (in my opinion) you’re pretty much able to do the whole class AND have fun with it! If you’re looking for something new, fun and super intense give it a little try HERE! (You can read about SuperCycle in this Blog Post – HERE )

CrossFitness Trainer

This is something I’m STILL in love with because it’s so extremely handy that I have an at home crossfitness trainer! I did a whole Blog Post on it – HERE – where you can read all about all the pros/details on having an at home Crosstrainer. This, I do once a week while listening to music or watching one of my series on Netflix. As far as Cardio goes this is as much as I’m realistically planning to do whilst also working 2 jobs. I think it’s a realistic goal and I’ve managed to keep it up so far so, GO ME!

Doggie Walks

I’ve managed to do a pretty good job when it comes to going on regular dog walks however since 2018 started I realised it needs to be more and it also needs to be every single day. I think Howie needs these walks (rather than just playing in the garden) and it also helps me clear my head while I listen to music and walk around with him. Being outside is super important even if it’s just for one hour. Especially when you work full-time it’s more than essential to get some fresh air between coming home from work and going to bed otherwise it might get a little depressing. I do a walk every single day for at least 40 minutes to 1 hour.

I set some goals and I’m definitely trying my best to keep them up! It’s nothing too crazy but it’s definitely a good start and it helps me focus on myself a little more. Doing some sort of exercise is really important even if it is just walking the dog for an hour!

Wishing you all a motivational day,

Shanice xo

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