My Twisted Cinderella Story – Boy Detox

OH-EFFING-KAY lads and lassies so it’s finally time for my first post of 2018. This girl took a bit of a digital detox over the past 2 weeks and now I’m ready for a full blown boy detox aswell BUT hear me out! This is not a negative post by any means it just means I’m focusing on myself, my family & friends, my dog and my jobs from now on and for a llllong ass time. If you’re interested in my personal life (then again who isn’t dying to find out personal stuff about other people #noseymuch?) keep on reading…

Chapter 21 – Me, Myself and I

Two weeks later and I feel like I’m finally ready to say the cliche: NEW YEAR NEW ME bs because it took me a fiiine little time to get to this point!

It’s been a real emotional rollercoaster for me the past 3/almost 4 Months and I’m dead on ready to move past this. This constant yes and no, up and down is literally unbearable for any human beeing. I’m not sure why it clicked for me yesterday but thank fuck shit (is that a better word though…?) it did because I literally felt like I’m breaking. Noone ever said being in love would be easy but holly cow, dude this stuff is next level intense…

So I’m still not sure what this whole thing was – I don’t know if it was real for him, if he realised that what we had was pretty special/rare, that we had alot of chemistry, that EVERYTHING between us was perfect, if he actually cared but I know one thing for sure: I cared. A LOT. And I still do. And i still will care about him for a very long time. To be quite real I’m still “in love” and probably will be for a longish time with this guy BUT I layed it all out there. If he wants to be with me: I’m ready! If not that’s cool too I’m sure I’ll be A-Okay!:)

Now we’re onto the good stuff. I’m done being sad. I’m done being disappointed. I’m definitely ready to be my bubbly, happy self again. I want to focus on working out regularly, blogging, the doggo, my family and my sexy-ass (sorry I just have to use this filthy language because I need a word that does them justice) friends and NO (new) BOYS. Let’s get this show on the road!

There are lots of exciting new Blog Posts, Fotos and news coming up over the next few months AND I’m focusing more of my time on the Blog and Social Media so get excited!

Wishing everyone a fresh 2 week-late start into 2018,

Shanice xo

PS.: I LOVE you all! 🙂


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  1. Shilpa Shetty | 16th Jan 18

    Happy New Year,.. wish you the best this year.. Take care,.. Stay blessed always,..

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