Little Black Backpack – Central Park NYC


Hey shmexy! I am so happy to have had the opportunity to visit New York City with my lovely mom and aunty! It was a trip to remember! This is one of the Outfits i chose for one of our sightseeing days. It is super “walk-friendly” and you can just style it up and down whatever way you prefer..

Christian Lacroix Crossbody Bag – New York City


Hello lovelies! This Outfit is totally casual but it also has something special about it. The little Christian Lacroix bag is so gorgeous and goes with LITERALLY everything! White converse are a total stable piece in my closet. They go with casual outfits – like this one- jeans, dressy summer dresses and and and! I hope you guys enjoy – Love always, Shanice xo

Bioderma Micellar Water Sébium


Howdy doodles my beautiful dolls!? Micellar Waters have literally been a trend for years now! However i never felt the need to try any out until Bioderma contacted me and asked if i wanted to try their “Sébium H2O” product line. Naturally, I said “Send it on y’all, send it on!” and it turns out, i absolutely love it!

5 Essential Items You Definitely Need In Your Closet

IMG_9742 2

Hola sexy!! Okay so here’s the thing! Ain’t nothing wrong with having 100.000 Clothing Items , hey i think it’s the normal thing for every woman to want that, BUT  all you reeeeaallyy need to have is a few essential super cute Items that style up every single  outfit! Here’s what you need …

Blogger Uniform


Hello my wonderful doll-a-roos! This Outfit is basically exactly what the title says it is : A Blogger Uniform. You got your long dress, stan smiths , backpack, jeans jacket around the waste and Quay shades -so everything that is currently super IN. For Details and Links click continue reading. Enjoy!

Huge Beauty Giveaway feat. Urban Decay,MAC,Colourpop etc./Open


Hey Ladies! It’s finally GIVEAWAY time again! And it’s a biiiiig one! I’m so excited and i just can’t hide it… 😀  Check out the Youtube video to see all the products included and continue to read for the Rules! Good Luck chicas! Have a wonderful weekend, Shanice xo 

Palette Palooza – The only 5 Palettes You Need In Your Collection


‘ello ma lovely dolls ! The other day I was thinking about getting a new eyeshadow palette and it took me approximately 1 hour until i convinced myself that I don’t need it. With these 5 Palettes you really are set for good when it comes to eyeshadow and blush..

Luxury Hand Made Puppy Accessories


Hola Chicas! Como estas? 😀 We (and i mean myself, my camera man/boyfriend Aaron and Howie the Labrador) are back again!  This Photo Shoot was by far the most fun one I’ve ever done – we got the treats, the 90s photo shoot music AND the super cute dog for it! For a little video preview of it go ahead and check out my Instagram HERE. Thank you so much to Dimples Sew Happy for sending us these super soft bandanas! 🙂 …

White on White


Hello lovely doll-a-roos!! Howdy-doodles? 😀 We got some major snow in Austria so i figured i’d use that biatch as a background! I really really dislike snow but when life gives you lemons..

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