MAC Vamplify Collection + 1 Must-have Fall Lipstick

The MAC Vamplify Collection offers 12 Pro Longwear Lip Pencils and 17  Vamplify lip glosses, which “are specially formulated with a combination of lush natural oils and impeccable moisturizing color for a glossy finish that lasts for hours”. These lip glosses are THE most pigmented glosses I’ve ever gotten at MAC so it was really difficult to choose which ones to get. These are my picks

MAC Lipstick Collection + Lip Swatches

When it comes to lipsticks, i have to admit, MAC IS my go-to brand. I mainly like matte , long lasting lipsticks however some of these are Lustre or Satin finishes. I ain’t hatin’ or discriminatin’. The Lip swatches are without pencils or primers so you don’t mind the small smudges here and there. We’ll try to see them as .. charming shall we?

Things to do in the Eastern Sahara Desert (with Videos)

Now I’m all up for going on beach holidays. I think everyone who works full time would agree that doing “nothing” every now and again is the best thing in the world. However, when I’m on holiday I enjoy that for precisely 3 days, then i get bored. If you’re planning a trip to Egypt any time soon these are a few things you can do with your time when you’re feeling super adventurous.

The Micro Mini Beauty Blender

micro mini beauty blender

Can we take a minute and freak out about how SUPER TINY AND FUNKY LOOKING they are…? Okay, now that we’re calm and focused here’s a review on the original beauty blender.

Lugano, Switzerland


Up until a while ago i would’ve answered that question with a strong “”.  Most people know of the main hotspots in the world Paris,Milan,New York all the big cities but there are so many not so obvious places that are absolutely beautiful. Lugano in Switzerland is one of them.

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Chunk of resinous blackboy husk, Clarkson, Western Australia. This burns like a spinifex log.
Chunk of resinous blackboy husk, Clarkson, Western Australia. This burns like a spinifex log.

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Discovering Nice,France in 4 hours

Now, I understand how crazy that sounds. Trust me I’m aware you can’t discover much of anything in 4 hours but you can certainly get a real good vibe of what the city is about.

Astana, Kazakhstan

Astana City

I’m going to start of with a few facts about Kazakhstan because the experience that I’ve had there was not at all what i expected and reading these facts only emphasises that for me.

First of all no, Kazakhstan is NOT the village shown in the movie “Borat” :D.. keep on reading

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Hotel Review: The Baron Palace Saahl Hasheesh Hurghada, Egypt

Since I feel like Egypt is not necessarily on everyones Holiday Map i would like to share some photos and experiances I’ve had there that will hopefully get your attention and have you look at Egypt in a different light. The Baron Palace Sahl Hashees , the resort we spent a week in, is a 5  star resort with an absolute “wow” factor.