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Outfit: Ho-bo Chic

It took a while until I finally got my act together to the point that I dared to dress the way I feel is right for me. When you’re in this world of blogging it’s sometimes very difficult to maintain your own style without wanting to “fit in” or be like “the others“. I jokingly call it Ho-Bo Chic because it’s very casual, cool and comfortable definitely a look that gives you confidence.

Life with Lash Extensions

I’ve wanted lash extensions for a suuuper long time now and the main reason for it was/is/always will be TIME. You basically save so much time by skipping the eyeliner and mascara every morning it’s unreal! I’ve had these on for a few weeks now, I’ve been to a SPA – therefore sauna as well, showered/washed my face a ton of times and I’ve also been out clubbing while having my lash extentions in. All the deets on how they’re holding up and the major facts are coming up in todays post…

Skin Care with an Electric Face Brush

I’ve always wanted to know if it reeeeally makes a difference if you wash your face with a face brush rather than just your hands eventhough it totally made sense to me why it would. I’ve used my Remington FC1000 Reveal face brush for aprox. 3 weeks now every day once a day and I’m absolutely in love! My skin cleared out noticably and I just genuienly feel like my face is entirely make up free by the end of the day after using it…

Sleepless in Dublin… Survival Tipps für den perfekten Schlaf

Viele von euch wissen vielleicht, dass ich aus Ireland komme… Was ihr eventuell nicht wisst ist wie massiv der Unterschied von Ungarn zu Irland für mich damals war (ich bin in sehr oft umgezogen als ich klein war). Ich bin mit 16 im Sommer von einem kleinem Dorf in Ungarn direkt nach Dublin gezogen und meine erste Nacht verlief ungefähr so….

Working Out From Home – My New Cross Fitness Obsession

I didn’t know how much I would love to work out from the comfort of my own Home until I got my sexy Crosstrainer from MaxTrader . Because I often work long hours I usually found it super difficult to motivate myself to get dressed, pack my stuff and then make my way to the gym after I’ve already worked for 12 hours… I also hated leaving my dog home alone for longer than necessary. How working out from home changed so much, my little motivation tricks, playlist ,work out routine, a closer look at my Crosstrainer AND much more all coming at you in todays post. Happy Work Out Sunday guys!

Kiko Milano Fall Collection

Klassische, Elegante Beauty Kollektionen sind absolut meins und die Kiko Milano Fall Collection ist hier auf jeden Fall etwas richtig wertvolles. Ich finde immer das Kiko nicht genug in der Beauty Bronge ge-hyped wird! Es ist eine wirklich leistbare Marke die aber sehr sehr gute Qualität bietet somit ist sie einer meiner absoluten TOP High-Street Empfehlungen. Die Favoriten von der Fall Collection stelle ich euch heute vor…

My Twisted Cinderella Story – 25 and STILL single?

I remember watching these movies back when I was a teenager where all these women were pittied and questioned by everyone for everything because they were over 25 and STILL single. I also remember thinking “Yea right, it doesn’t go down like that in real life”. Little did I know…

Home Security Camera aka Dog Cam

I don’t know about you guys but ever since I got my dog (literally from the first day on) I’ve been dying to find out what he does when I’m not home. Another reason I wanted a Home Security Camera is because I want to make sure I can check in on things anytime I worry about having left the window open etc. I tried the Smartfrog camera for my Living Room area and I absolutely LOVE it!

The Ritual of Hammam LE – SPA Experience Zuhause

Ich bin ja, wie ihr vielleicht schon wisst, ein totaler Home-SPA Fan! Es gibt für mich nichts besseres als alles von Zuhause aus machen zu können! Das ist vielleicht auch weil ich sehr sehr viel abeite und in meiner Freizeit eher mein Zuhause genießen möchte bzw. mit meinem Hund Zeit verbringen möchte ABER wenn es um SPA bzw. Fitness geht bin ich sehr gut ausgerüstet. Heute zeige ich euch eine recht neue (aber eigentlich im Juni schon erhältliche) Rituals Cosmetics Limited Edition — “The Ritual of Hammam”…

Bedroom Makeover – A Tour of the Before and After

I genuenly didn’t know how much time, effort and energy it would take to redecorate/renovate an entire apartment on my own BUT now that it’s done, I can’t help but feel super proud of myself. I redecorated/refurnished/renovated my entire apartment in cooperation with and this is what the first finished room (happens to be my bedroom) looks like.  If you want to see before and after pictures keep on reading because : I got your back boo…